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Simple Catering Menu (Veg)

Outdoor Catering Service


Cultery : Knives, forks, and spoons used for eating.

Crockery : Plates, dishes, cups, and other similar items used for eating.

Buffet Stall : Normal food catering stall used for serving food.

Service Staff : Waiters, Hotel Management Boys / Girls, Runners, Cleaners etc.

Appetizer : It is the starter dish served before the main course meal.

Special Veg Entrée : It is the main dish made of Paneer delicacies such as PBM, Paneer Tikka Masala, etc.

Seasonal Veg Entrée : It is the main dish made of Seasonal vegetable delicacies such as Mix Veg, Gobi Mutter Masala, etc.

Bread (Rotis) : It is the Roti made of flour dough. For example : Fulkas, Fried Puries etc.

Bread (Special) : It is the Special Roti made of flour dough. For example : Tandoori Roti, Roomali Roti etc.

Dessert : It is the sweet dish such as Ice Cream, Fruit Custard etc. eaten at the end of a meal.

Live Stall : It is a live food stall serving food items such as Aloo Tikkis, Ragda Patis, Masala Dosa etc.

Chaat Dish : It is the side dish such as Paani Puri, Sev Puri, Bhel Puri etc.

* T & C Applied.


Simple Menu (Veg)

@ 90* / Plate

Available from minimum 30 to 1000 & more plates. Comprises of your chosen '11' dishes from our veg. menu.

(Per Plate Rate includes cultery, crockery, buffet stall, food, mineral water, service staff, delivery and pickup.)

Above rate is mentioned for 1200 Plates. For less number of plates the rate varies accordingly.


✔ One Special Veg Entrée

✔ One Seasonal Veg Entrée

✔ One Rice

✔ One Dal

✔ One Type of Bread (Rotis)

✔ Fried Puris / Palak Puris

✔ One Curd Preparation

✔ One Sweet

✔ Pickle (Aachaar)

✔ Papad

✔ Green Salad

✔ Chilled Mineral Water

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