Terms & Conditions of Service

All customers are subject to the terms and conditions contained below. The below conditions are terms of legal contract between Food-n-Food and the customer.

› The customers are free to make their own menu from our exciting menu options or we also have some special packages for the customer convenience.

› The customers can request our quotation free of cost by mailing us at query@foodnfood.online / online chat at our support portal (11:00 AM to 7:00 PM IST Mon-Sun).

› No pre-tasting of food shall be entertained at any cost. We expect kind faith within us from our customers. We gaurantee our customers by providing quality delicious food and prompt service.

› We charge the customer with per head (per plate) policy. No negotiation in bill amount shall be entertained after the order has been delivered. If the quantity (plates) exceeds from the ordered quantity, it shall be charged extra. The bill amount is inclusive of all Govt. taxes.

› Inclusion of extra dishes/items shall be charged separately as Add-on Charges.

› The booking must be done at least before 20 days of the event; this will ensure us to work more on your requirement.

› The customer has to pay 10% of total order amount or Rs.5000/- (whichever is less)(non-refundable) initially as booking charges at the time of booking the order. (Amount will be included in the total bill generated)

› There after well before 20 days of event, 50% of advance-payment has to be made by the customer compulsorily. Rest 40% or balance amount can be paid on the order date.

› The payment can be made in CASH (Recommended) / Cheque (Subject to realization). Post dated cheques will not be accepted. Cheques shall be accepted only in case of advance payments which should be dated prior to 7 days from the date of order delivery. Incase of cheque bounce, the penalty charges of INR 500 per cheque shall be with the responsibility of issuer.

› The customer has to provide kitchen space at the venue of event 1 day before, if the order requirement is of above 300 guests.

› Incase of extra requirement we follow these conditions:

✔ If the order guarantee is 100 guests then we’ll plan for 15% more.

✔ If the order guarantee is 101-500 guests then we’ll plan for 12% more.

✔ If the order guarantee exceeds 501 guests then we’ll plan for 10% more.

› Starters / Appetizers will be served for first hour of the event only.

› No changes / alterations in the Menu will be accepted two days before the event date.

› We'll have no responsibility on any mishappening due to natural changes in weather / traffic issues.

› The Buffet Serving Time shall be strictly upto 5 hours from the start of the serving. No extra time extention shall be entertained as we've pre-scheduled orders to be delivered. We expect kind cooperation from the customers.

› Any dispute so arising shall be strictly subject to Nagpur Jurisdiction only.

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